Let I Know a Guy Mobile RV Repair and Inspection do it for you. We provide you with high-quality products and materials along with impeccable service so that you can be as comfortable as possible in your RV.

Why choose us?

  1. We come to you.
  2. We have a certified technician and inspector.
  3. We can get it done within a day or 2 (a lot quicker than getting into a dealership)


"As a first-time RV owner, every time something went wrong, it got overwhelming very quickly! Thankfully, my problems were fixed by the professional team of I Know a Guy Mobile RV Repair and Inspection. Thanks for their truly appreciated service!"

- Bryan

About I Know a Guy Mobile RV Repair and Inspection

We are nationally certified RV Technicians and Inspectors who will come to you to inspect and repair your RV in Billings and its surrounding areas.

We guarantee fast, reliable, and high-quality services for your RV - from preventive maintenance to Winterization and Dewinterization, our qualified experts will do whatever it takes to give your RV.

Whatever your RV needs, we can get it done for you.